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Print Your Own Graph Paper

Graph paper, unlike notebook paper, doesn't get the attention it deserves. Gone are the days of only using graph paper for things like math and science. Today, graph paper is used to create the ideal garden, the perfect crochet pattern, or even a work of art. From a graph that documents research to graph paper for a complex equation that requires the X and Y axes, this paper is a must-have. Purchasing graph paper can get pricey, and what happens when you don't have any on hand? With the links below, you can print graph paper to suit your project. Many of the links below connect you to free printable graph paper generators. After entering information about the type of graph paper you need, the results will be created in a PDF file, ready for you to print.

  • Customized Free Printable Graph Paper: Choose your type of paper, paper size, and measuring units to create the right graph paper to suit the task. Each graph paper creation becomes a PDFs.
  • Graph Paper for Math: Whether you need traditional graph paper for math homework or 10-section graph paper with separate space for each problem, this is a great resource for you.
  • Graph Paper Generator: All graph paper is not created equally. Take into consideration the task at hand and use the generator to create the exact spacing and size you need.
  • Bold and Non-Bold One-Inch Grids: Need simple graph paper with a one-inch grid? There are options for bold and non-bold lines for each item of graph paper. The results are PDFs.
  • 10-by-10 and 8-by-8 Grid Paper: The National Security Agency offers more than just 10-by-10 and 8-by-8 graph PDF files. Scroll down and find out more about repeating patterns, charts, and shapes.
  • Making Your Own Graph Paper: These instructions tell how to make graph paper using Microsoft Word.
  • Graph Paper for Word: Cartesian graphs and grid paper are available in different sizes on this site. Some even offer multiple smaller graphs on one page. Each of the graphs is a downloadable Word document.
  • Mr. Layton's Math Class: Central High School presents four different PDFs of graph paper. While one is a full page of graph paper, the other three offer specialized types of paper perfect for certain math tasks.
  • Web and Word Format Graph Paper: This site separates graph paper by the number of quadrants featured and how many are available on each page. Users can select and print from the Web or Word formats.
  • Graph Paper in Color: Tired of the traditional black or green graph paper? In addition to choosing the graph size and style (including Cartesian, engineering, or semi-log), you have the ability to change the colors of the lines.
  • Customized Graph Paper and Other Math Grids: This site doesn't just provide you with customizable graph paper: You can also opt to title your paper and add your name before printing. (Be sure to choose "graph paper" in the top menu first.)
  • All-Inclusive Graph Paper: With more than 40 different graph and lined paper templates, there is truly something for every graph paper lover here. Each graph is in PDF format.
  • Graph Paper for Math Drills: Learning and grid patterns come together with tons of different graph paper options to choose from. There are various measurements to ensure you get the right size graph paper. Choose between black and gray lines to help keep you on track.
  • Simple Graph Paper Generator: Instead of lots of complicated configurations, this site allows you to choose the type of graph paper and the size between dots with the simple push of a button. This generator is easy enough for kids to use.
  • Triangle Graph Paper: Traditional graph paper may be made up of boxes, but what about triangles instead? Because graph paper has a number of different uses, this graph paper could come in handy for certain tasks.
  • Graph Paper for Physics: In addition to various graph paper options, there are specific directions on how to download and print the various graphs. The directions ensure that you get the best possible printing.
  • Multi-Width Graph Paper: The thickness of the lines of this graph paper vary, allowing you to work in several different size increments. The PDF prints exactly as it looks on the site.
  • Square Dots Graph Paper: Looking for a challenge? This PDF, courtesy of Texas Christian University gives you the dots. You just need to connect them to make your own graph paper.
  • Engineering Graph Paper: The PDF uses different colors as well as darker and lighter lines to distinguish different increments on the graph paper.
  • Science, Math, and Engineering Graph Paper: With clear directions and an explanation of increments, printing, and more, this graph paper generator can create customized sheets. While there are lots of options to choose from, the generator is user-friendly.
  • Geological Graph Paper: Only serious graph paper users should check out this site. The PDFs are specific to the study of geology and include various labels to help with accurate documentation.